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What Happens To The Vintage Record Player?

Jul 06, 2017

The Record Player is an original playback device whose sound is stored in an arc-shaped groove engraved on an acoustic (circular) plane in an acoustic way. The record is placed on the turntable and rotated under the stylus. The Record Player record can be easier to copy and reproduce much longer than most of the cylindrical recording media, so the Record Player is known as one of Edison's greatest inventions.

However, Edison's famous invention of the idea, but it is the chance of happiness caused by.

Once, Edison studied in a quiet lab to improve the telegraph that printed symbols on the tape. At this time, the telegraph of a monotonous voice attracted him. In trying to arrange this voice, Edison unexpectedly found that this is the tape under the pressure in the small axis of the sound. When changing the pressure of the small axis, the height of the tone also changes. This gives him an idea: to record and reclaim the sound with different channels on the motion carrier.

Old-style Record Player

In the black turntable, the sound vibration from a wave of the track or groove to achieve, in the turntable plane fluctuations, as much as possible to reproduce the sound pressure changes. As the needle moves along the groove, the tip vibrates slightly with the trough. The vibration is transmitted through a mechanical device and amplified and distributed in the air.

When the turntable speed and recording, the sound is accurately restored, if not, it produces the vibration frequency and recording frequency is different. A variety of rustling sound comes from the dust, causing the needle to move extra.

Old music machine has a Record Player, 4-speed recorders and so on. Hand song machine on the full winding, one can play a record of positive and negative 2 side. 4 guitar Record Player to play the rough effect of the album is better than the mark, put the needle is still unsatisfactory, but also easy to transfer the tape. Drill needle machine for the diamond, no need to replace, but when playing "rustling" sound larger; steel needle discs smaller, sounds loud and clear, but to replace the needle. Low-priced old machine can be placed playing, but the product will not be very good. Performance, product with a good Record Record Player, only with the collection value.

The old album is divided into steel needle record, grain record, rough pattern, pen record. Record Player the crisp pieces and the steel needle with their respective heads to protect the patch. Records should be clean, the sound tank will affect the play more. At the beginning of the last century there is no complete domestic bakelite record production means, now scattered in the world of folk old record, mostly the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan in the creation of the record company produced, such as Shanghai EMI, the United States victory. The essence of the Chinese opera, the essence of the song, it is truthfully recorded as Mei Lanfang, Ma Lianliang, Zhou Xinfang, Yan Jupeng, Tan Xinpei, Bai Yu frost, Zhou and other older generation of actor voice, Extremely rare historical data, with a high collection price