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What Are The Main Structures Of The Record Player?

Jun 26, 2017

The role of the Record Player is to convert the stylus and the disc from the mechanical vibration into electrical signals, it is a key part of the record player, its quality to a large extent determine the performance of the Record Player. Imported record player to the main electromagnetic type, the output voltage is high, high-frequency response is good, beautiful sound. Domestic recorders to piezoelectric-based, with potassium tartrate crystal and piezoelectric ceramic crystal two. Potassium potassium tartrate crystal lamp is characterized by high sensitivity, but the temperature, moisture resistance is poor, piezoelectric ceramic crystal head is characterized by low sensitivity, but the temperature, moisture resistance, the price is relatively cheap.

Needle: The singer is the most precious element in the head, made of wearable artificial gemstones or diamonds. Artificial gem singing 'needle life of about 50 hours, the diamond needle life of about 500 to 1000 hours. The record is thick, fine lines are different, the use of the stylus is not the same, playing the rough pattern of the stylus with a green sign, play fine lines of the record of the needle with a red logo, play the album with a black logo.

Turntable: the role of the disc Record Player turntable is placed in the transmission, driven by the clockwise rotation.

Motor: The jukebox motor is the power part of the turntable rotation. The voltage of the domestic juji motor has two kinds of DC 9V and single-phase AC 220v. The continuous working time of the motor should not exceed 4 hours.

Transmission: The Record Player mechanism refers to the connection between the drive motor and the turntable. Universal camcorder transmission mechanism is by wheel drive mechanism, characterized by the role of attenuation noise, the structure is relatively simple, the use of pagoda wheel and by wheel drive to meet the requirements of different speed records.