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The Difference Between Record Player And Phonograph

Jun 14, 2017

There have been numerous human beings to change their own state of life, to promote the history of the invention, took the four inventions of China made papermaking invention, provided for the human economy, convenient writing materials, set off a human language carrier revolution; , The invention of the compass, provided the conditions for the sailing of the European navigator, the use of gunpowder weapons, the use of gunpowder weapons, changed the way of warfare, helped the European bourgeoisie to destroy the feudal fortress, accelerated the The history of Europe. However, among the many inventions, there is an invention but buried in the dust of history, it is the record player.

In everyday life, people often find out the difference between Record Player and phonograph, and even think that the Record Player is a phonograph, or that the phonograph also need electricity to work; plus some audio factory in recent years to create retro phonograph, is the phonograph made phonograph shape , Which makes people more confused who is who

In general, the Record Player is to play 78 minutes per minute to the SP record, with a mechanical Record Player and steel pin to pick up the sound, by the gear mechanical system to drive the turntable rotation of the record player; guitar refers to the motor drive The turntable is turned, and the discs are picked up by the crystal chord and the gems of the chord and sounding through the loudspeaker to play the record-based record player of 33-1 / 3 (33 and 1/3) per minute. The original working principle of these two machines is the same, but the mechanical working principle is very different.

Let us explore the mystery of the phonograph mechanical system

1. Mechanical system consists of a set of spring gear mechanism, a bit like a clock of the machine (of course, far from the clock complex), on the full winding, through the gear differential (usually two gears can be), after flying ball Flyingball) axis speed control, driving the turntable rotation. After adjusting the flying ball shaft end of the elastic and speed control felt and the distance from the speed plate, you can make the disc up to 78 per minute (but not too precise, by adjusting the external speed lever, you can always adjust the speed felt And the speed of the disc, the speed can be changed), can also be transferred to 33 minutes per minute or 45 rpm speed. If the winding is loose, its speed will be reduced. In general, after the full winding (about 20-3 turns on the winding handle), you can play a SP (StandardPlay) Record Player positive and negative sides (nearly 10 minutes). (The actual play, and some machines do not meet this standard, you need to play the album side after the re-winding)

2. Sound system structure is relatively simple, generally by the singing head, singing arm and speakers (some machines with rectangular horn section) composition, head mounted in the front of the singing arm. Most of the cam in the desktop is sagging, mounted on the bracket, directly attached to the speaker. There is a kind of arm is mounted on the chassis panel, the speaker is also installed on the panel, the two connected by the connection tube inside the chassis.

In the structure of the phonograph, whether it is a huge chassis, or a small wooden box, are more decorative than practical; because whether it is a large chassis or a small chassis, which are empty, only a small mechanical movement Occupy little place.

The movement consists of a set of spring gear mechanism, the role is to drive the disc speed rotation. If we see a worn-out radio or cassette tape Record Player, if it is very old, often think, it can not use? And the fact that it is often difficult to work, so we see some very old on the Internet nearly a hundred years old old phonograph will ask, it can not sing? The answer is very simple, if it's movement can run, and no shortage of parts, even if the old, it can still play the album.