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Strengthen The Legal System Of Radio Management

Sep 30, 2017

Radio management to keep pace with the times, according to the law and innovation will be closely integrated. According to the law is the basis of innovation, innovation is the driving force, only the two closely integrated in order to ensure the vitality of radio management forever vitality.

First, strengthen the legal system of radio management. The rapid development of radio communication technology, radio management legal system is relatively lagging behind, there are still some areas of vacuum. The relevant departments of the State should speed up the legislative work on radio management and intensify the revision of the Regulations on Radio Regulations of the People's Republic of China, and completely overcome the relatively lagging phenomenon in the construction of the legal system of radio management.

Second, strengthen the construction of radio management technology facilities. To further speed up the construction of radio management technology facilities, out of technical facilities backward, monitoring means a single, technical system is not unified situation, according to the law, and actively carry out technological innovation.

Finally, to strengthen the quality of radio management team training. Radio management of the policy, professional, technical very strong, high quality requirements of the staff. But the current radio management team staff strength, knowledge aging, professional and technical personnel structure is unreasonable, improve the radio management team's level of enforcement and business level is imperative.

At present, the authority of the radio regulatory agencies at all levels has not yet fully established, law enforcement and enforcement measures are not effective, with the public security and judicial departments is not close enough. In the radio management system, there are also no, there is no more than, the right to power, the phenomenon of ultra vires. We must use the development approach to solve the problems in advance, so that the combination of administration according to law and innovation, to create an external environment conducive to administrative law enforcement.

We firmly believe that under the leadership of the national radio management agencies, under the joint efforts of the national radio management workers, we will continue to innovate according to law and continue to play a more active role in promoting the continuous, high-speed and healthy development of the radio industry.