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Radio Management Should Be Closely Integrated According To Law And Management Innovation

Sep 30, 2017

Radiocommunication plays an increasingly important role in the information society. With the development of science and technology, social progress, requiring radio management to advance with the times, continuous innovation. How to do with the times? Is necessary to make the administration of law and management innovation closely together to detect and solve the radio management process in the new situation, new problems, effectively control the radio spectrum resources, maintenance of air radio waves Order, thus creating a new situation in radio management.

Administration according to law, standardize administration

July 1, 2004 "Administrative Licensing Law") the formal implementation of the radio management agencies as the government's functional departments, in strict accordance with the "Administrative Licensing Law" requirements, regulate the administration, to prevent the right by law, Units and individuals to accept the management of radio management agencies, so that the offenders are subject to the corresponding punishment, law-abiding people's legitimate rights and interests are effectively protected.

Radio management according to the law, first of all with their own characteristics, a clear radio management object and scope, management system and functions. This requires strict radio station (station), frequency, call sign, license registration verification, do radio equipment development, production, sales, import, electromagnetic environment monitoring and supervision and inspection, administrative processing and punishment. Secondly, the radio management personnel must strictly use the right, according to the law, in the management of air radio order, assigned frequency and station audit approval, the implementation of strict standardization procedures, to apply for a reasonable, According to the number of "four" principle, not approved "human" Taiwan, not the right to approve the frequency, so that the use of radio stations (stations) units and individuals to effectively carry out legal procedures. Do a good job investigating radio interference, maintenance of airborne wave order work, to protect the good electromagnetic environment. To this end, the radio management personnel to continue to learn, understand and master the radio management system, but also a more comprehensive scientific knowledge and business expertise, so as to better according to the law, better qualified in the process of information technology, radio managers The duties.