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Radio Interference Classification

Oct 23, 2017

Radio interference is generally divided into the same frequency interference, adjacent channel interference, out of band interference, intermodulation interference and blocking interference.

(1) the same frequency interference: the unwanted signal carrier frequency and the useful signal carrier frequency is the same, and receive the same channel with the signal receiver interference caused by the same frequency interference.

(2) adjacent channel interference: interference Taiwan side channel power fall into the receiving channel received within the passband interference, known as adjacent channel interference.

(3) out-of-band interference: the transmitter's harmonic or spurious radiation in the useful signal to receive the interference caused by the band, incompetent interference.

(4) intermodulation interference: intermodulation interference is divided into transmitter intermodulation interference and receiver intermodulation interference.

Transmitter Intermodulation Interference is the fact that multiple transmitter signals fall into another transmitter and are modulated by each other at the end of the amplifier to produce unwanted combinations of frequencies that are the same as those of the combined frequencies Machine caused by interference, known as the transmitter intermodulation interference.

Receiver intermodulation interference is when a number of strong signals at the same time into the receiver, the receiver front-end non-linear circuit under the action of intermodulation frequency, intermodulation frequency falls into the receiver frequency band caused by interference, known as the receiver Intermodulation interference.

(5) blocking interference: receive weak signal, by the receiving frequency on both sides of the high-frequency circuit with a strong interference signal interference, known as blocking interference. Ranging to reduce the reception of sensitive, while the communication is interrupted.