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Radio Cheating To Prevent New Tactics

Nov 01, 2017

With the development of radio and Internet technology, the production cost of miniaturization, miniaturized radio signal transmitting and receiving equipment has been greatly reduced and the use has become increasingly popular. As a result, more and more criminal gangs use this technology to engage in organized exam fraud activities.

At present, the general civil radio communication equipment using 70 ~ 2700 MHz communication frequency. Among them, more than 1000 MHz signal is mainly used in mobile communications, that is, our daily life in the use of various types of mobile communications; and 1000 MHz below the communication frequency is the vast majority of dedicated radio cheating equipment used by the communication frequency.

In the past, the traditional mobile phone shield can only block more than 1000 MHz commercial radio signal, and can not shield the use of other frequencies of dedicated cheating equipment communication signal. To this end, the autonomous region Education Enrollment Examination Center in the region more than 70 standardized test sites to install the detection guide to block the radio cheating prevention and control system. The system not only for more than 1000 MHz fixed commercial mobile phone signal to achieve signal shielding, but also to detect the following 1000 MHz radio signal intelligent interpretation of the suspected cheating signal to effectively block. This is because the system has a learning function. The detection server installed in the test center through a long time on the test center around the radio signal scanning, learning the frequency characteristics of common signals, due to be able to find suspicious signals during the test, to guide the installation of the radio inside the classroom signal jammers suspected cheating signal To interfere.

Detecting the boot blockade of the radio cheating prevention and control system can only interfere with the suspected cheating signal and block, but can not locate the location of the cheating group radio transmission equipment. In order to strengthen the efforts to combat radio cheating activities, this year the autonomous region Education Admissions Examination Center and the purchase of two sets of vehicle radio signal detection, positioning system. In conjunction with the detection and guidance to block the radio cheating prevention and control system, in determining the frequency of cheating signal, you can use the vehicle detection, positioning system in time to locate the location of the launch device.