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Radio Advantage

Feb 14, 2017

Compared with the radio station, radio network advantages:

Is a quick, infinity. As America Online in the Internet craze to blow up the United States, daily online the person they are interested in news from the United States than America's top 11 newspaper readers add up to more than the total number of; in prime time, America Online as much as the readers and viewers of CNN or MTV. Compared to traditional network radio station has information, these information can also be used for structure, classification, and more useful, which is the traditional radio can't compare. Furthermore, real-time reporting capabilities of Internet radio is far better than traditional media.

Second, interactive and personalized. These two features is also consistent in certain areas. Internet radio is a two-way interactive communication in sender and recipients. When users access to information on the Internet can have more autonomy and that can control and to select when and in what ways access to information, you can also at any time receive an evaluation and feedback on its own. This feedback form a bi-directional flow of information and even repeated interactive text.