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Not The Same Record Player, The Production Method!

Jul 06, 2017

The Record Player is a miniature of the golden age of the last century, how many gorgeous notes are released by their leisurely, with the friction of the air. If you like nostalgia and want to do it yourself, then follow the example of the US father and son studio Silvan Audio Workshop to use a stakes to do only one of their own black music machine. We certainly support you to buy the product has been done, but the fun of their own hands can not be replaced.

What is the difference between Record Player and CD player?

CD full name - Compact Disk (compressed disc), and the Record Player LP (black disk) full name is Longplay. In the definition of the name has been able to see the difference, that CD is digital, to the differential simulation of the graphics to express the sound; LP disk is the use of physical vibration to record the sound, so the LP disc to release the sound more natural And purely. LP disk because of exposure to the air, it is inevitable dust and static effects, so there will be noise, but according to the scientific method to determine the words, LP disc sound quality should be 8 to 10 times better than CD. Record Player and CD player is like a film camera and digital camera, each have their own good, each recorded an unrecognizable era.

How do you make a stakes machine?

Choose a piece of black walnut (of course, you can also choose the other wood) slice for the base, the texture is not easy to crack, the thickness of 75px or so.

Lunar and bark of the natural cracks are natural native decoration, these elements make the Record Player in its basic functions, but also have the decorative works of art derivative function.

Prepare a vinyl record pickup and metal pickup arm (stylus), and a motor with a speed of 12 volts to drive the turntable.

Carefully selected a sound equipment, to good quality, easy to use. Install it under the stakes base and connect the swords.

Recommended British veteran brand Rega, it is durable, sound quality part can be done well. In addition, the installation of this step is best to find a little professional technician to help.

Prepare a thicker gum or glass turntable with a diameter of 180mm.

Vinyl discs use thicker frosted glass, texture will be better, there are good stability. But also from the wood to escape out, to this old-fashioned items into a little modern atmosphere.

Insert the turntable into the stakes base. Need to accurately locate the location of the turntable to facilitate the connection needle. Adjust the turntable height so that the LP disc can be inserted into the perfect match with the needle.

LP disk maintenance TIPS:

❶ on the correct way to put the vinyl record is placed vertically in the cabinet, as if the books stored in the same as the vertical bookcase;

❷ Every second time after listening to the best six hours later, and then the second time. This is to prevent the stylus in the vinyl record when playing, the friction produced by the high heat, so that the vinyl record rubber groove softened;

❸ to develop the habit of wiping after listening to prevent mold; routine maintenance please use carbon fiber brush, this brush does not produce static electricity for the advantages.