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Innovate And Optimize Radio Management

Sep 30, 2017

Radio new technology, new business after another, the radio management put forward higher, more refined, deeper, more stringent requirements. Radio management departments should dare to blaze new trails, study new problems, put forward new ideas, optimize radio management, and strive to achieve concept innovation, institutional innovation and method innovation.

Conceptual innovation is the basic prerequisite for the development of radio management. We must break the thinking of the mindset, establish the concept of management and technology, establish a new concept of authority according to law, establish a correct concept of law enforcement, and constantly enhance the sense of service, in order to further improve the radio management work to lay a good foundation.

Institutional innovation is a powerful guarantee for promoting the standardization and development of radio management. At present, the radio management system is not smooth, institutions set a wide variety, subordinate relationship is different, it is difficult to effectively manage the scarcity of frequency resources, mutual coordination. Therefore, we must establish a national concept of a game, unified management by the state, the implementation of innovative hierarchical management system, extended to the city, regulate radio management. According to the actual situation around the city, especially the economically developed, set up more cities, the appropriate increase in the strength of radio management agencies, enhance their autonomy and subjective initiative to ensure the smooth development of the work.

Method innovation is an important means to promote the development of radio. First, increase the advance management efforts to achieve the main management from the post-management to the main changes in the main use of the existing laws and regulations and regulations to solve the management problem. Second, we must strengthen the technical means of research and development, and strive to enhance the ability to investigate and collect evidence. Advanced technical means is a strong guarantee for the smooth operation of radio management.