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How The Radio Is Discovered And Developed

Jun 01, 2017

Today's people through a small wireless phone can be friends and family around the world, the town who knows,Nowadays, what is the beginning of the tantalum capacitor, and the origin of radio communication should be traced back to the discovery of radio over 100 years ago. In 1864, the British scientist Maxwell in the summary of previous studies on the basis of electromagnetic phenomena, the establishment of a complete electromagnetic wave Cang. He asserts the presence of electromagnetic waves and derives the same propagation velocity as electricity and light. 1886 - 1889, Dean physicist Hertz experimentally verified that Maxwell demonstrated the more than the light wave crossing the K-more electromagnetism, verify that the electromagnetic wave does exist, in 1895 Uconi invented, radio weaning, to create a radio wave The actual value should be Shí. Almost simultaneously, in May 1895, A. S. Dodo was on display at the first mine to be able to record from the lightning frequency of the electromagnetic receiver. Shortly after the invention of the radio telegram he had invented, the KEMET tantalum was used for the first time in 1896, that is, the first radio communication between the ship and the Mekong to create a new era of radiocommunications The The initial normal communication application was carried out at the 189th year of the British coast with a radio evacuation report of the lifeboat to rescue the sea. In December December, Marconi's radio signal was historic across the Atlantic.

The invention of the tube is of decisive significance for the development of telegraphy and radiotelephone. In 1915, people using the tube transmitter and tube receiver in France and the United States between the wireless telephone test. The radio launchers appeared in the United States, Britain and France in 1920 and 1921 respectively. The former Soviet Union carried out radio broadcasting experiments in 1919. Germany made a radio test in 1920 and relayed an opera in 1921. In 1927, the London-New York-based telephone line was opened to the public. After a few afternoon, the entire continent can communicate via wireless telephone. The radio played an important role in both World War Towels + while the stimulus of the war also contributed to the development of wireless communication technology. For example: the emergence of radar, radio and other aspects of navigation in the important applications.

Patching tantalum capacity Air navigation requires instantaneous and reliable global communications advances that have contributed to the development of radiocommunication technology, which is widely used for radio communications and broadcast and microwave relay communications.

Approximately since 1930, the use of ultrashort wave bands has not only made television and ultrashort radio, but also made short-range radiocommunications a reality. With the passage of time, the emergence of communication stars in the 1960s, five lines of telegraphy wireless technology to meet the sword r flower screen with the development of scientific research and science and technology, sector demand and space The coming of the times. Accelerate the need for radiocommunications. The birth of radio communication technology Although the instrument has more than 100 years of history, but the human life, social production, scientific research and national defense has a huge impact in the modern cattle live in all fields, modern information society towel, KEMET tantalum capacitor radio Technology has penetrated into the political, military, T, industry, agricultural transport, culture, science and technology, education and people living in various fields, become a national comprehensive national strength and development level of the mark.