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Gramophone Is Born

Feb 14, 2017

The phonograph was born in 1877. Inventions in the world who was acclaimed King--Thomas Alva Edison invented the phonograph.

Thomas Alva Edison in the telephone message, according to film with the voices of vibration phenomena, invented by Thomas Edison and his early phonograph tested short needle, get a lot of inspiration. Talk high or low speed can make corresponding different short needle vibrate. That, in turn, this vibration must also be able to issue the original voice. So he began to study voice problems.
 On August 15, 1877, Thomas Alva Edison Assistant crith West pattern to make one large cylinder, crank, phones, and the membrane plate machine. Thomas Alva Edison, pointing the blame machine aide says: "this is a talking machine", he took out a piece of tin foil, engraved with the volume on the spiral fluted metal cylinder, pin rotation of one lightly with foil, and the other end of a telephone connection. Thomas Alva Edison crank, on the phone to sing "Mary had a little lamb, snowball like hair......." After singing, needle and put it back into place, light to crank again. Then, slowly, round and round the rotation of the machine, singing "Mary had a little lamb ... ...", exactly as sung by Thomas Alva Edison. Aside aides, met a talking machine was too surprised to say anything.