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Attention To Use The Phonograph (for Example, A Record Player)

Jul 06, 2017

The televised media teaching is a kind of recording teaching. The Record Player is a Record Player a recording. As the electronic media has a good sound quality, easy to save, cheap, easy to use, etc., so in foreign languages, music and other teaching has a wide range of applications.

206-type record player for the semi-automatic record player, singing arm and power switch linkage, when the arm on the record when the power is turned on; put back to the arm on the shelf, the power off.

1. Record Player in the use of a stable, loose left and right two fastening screws, so that the bottom of the panel to play a role in the shock spring. When the player is moved or transported, the two fastening screws should also be tightened.

2. Pick up the head for the removable, along the swing arm can be pulled forward. When playing rough or dense discs, be sure to use the corresponding stylus. If you play the rough record (78 r / min)

Should be the head of the "green dot" at the red on the red arm; to play the seal (45,33

Turn, 16 r / min), should be the head of the "red dot" at the red on the red arm. Wrong

Not only will affect the playback sound quality, but also damage the sound of the record slot, when used to pay attention.

3. The speed of the record player should be consistent with the speed required by the record, and requires uniform rotation and stability. Otherwise it will cause distortion. Phono speed can be used to test and adjust the frequency door speed card.

4. Play when the needle in the record should be lightly, light release. Has begun to play, do not change the position and direction of the stylus midway, otherwise it will damage the record due to wear and tear. Such as the discovery of smaller sound, distortion, job hopping and noise increase, etc., may be needle pin wear and tear become bald, should be replaced in time.

5. When the Record Player is not in use, the shift knob should be placed in the "○" position, to prevent the rubber wheel close to the tower wheel caused by rubber wheel deformation. The arm should be put on the shelf to cut off the power to prevent the motor due to prolonged operation and burned. In general, the Record Player should not run for more than four hours.

6. The rotary part of the Record Player should be kept clean and lubricated. After about 100 hours of use, add a small amount of lubricating oil (such as bell oil, sewing machine oil, etc.) at the rotating shaft of each rotating part, but do not add too much, especially with regard to the fact that the oil can not be smeared to the rubber wheel and other rotations Transfer part (such as by wheel, tower wheel, etc.) to prevent the rubber wheel aging and reduce the transmission of the damping.