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Analysis Of Common Malfunctions Of Record Player

Jun 26, 2017

Analysis Of Common Malfunctions Of Record Player

1: The transmission part:

The common fault of the Record Player transmission is the turntable stop, the turntable is long turn, the turntable speed is too slow, the turntable speed is fast and the noise is too big when the turntable rotates.

(1) for the turntable to stop the fault: the power fuse should be checked in turn whether the fuse, the power switch contact is good, the power supply voltage is too low, the transmission mechanism is malfunctioning, the motor's rotor is stuck.

(2) The turntable long turn the fault: Record Player should check the switch in turn whether the contact point is good, whether the automatic shutdown device failed.

(3) Turntable speed too slow failure: The main check the rotation of the motor is flexible, whether the lack of lubricating oil, whether the voltage is too low or because of the vibration of the rotating mechanism and the rotor of the motor and the relative position of the stator and so on. 、

(4) When the turntable speed of the Record Player is fast and slow failure: mainly check the motor's vibration insulation rubber ring is aging deformation, rubber wheel is uneven, so that the rotating turntable periodically touch the pagoda LUN.

(5) When the turntable rotates, the main noise is caused by the shaking of the turntable and the vibration of the motor. Should check the corresponding parts of the damping device is not broken, fixed screws are loose and so on.

2: Electric motor

(1) The main reason for the winding break or short-circuit fault is that the motor is damp and the insulation is damaged. In the event of such a failure, only the coils can be wound or the motor replaced.

(2) When the motor bearing wear, should be replaced in a timely manner.

3: Crystal slices in phono

(1) Whether the Crystal film is damaged or not, if there is silence, sound light, noise, distortion and other fault phenomena, should first check phono two lead is intact, and then use the Kani 10k of the multimeter to measure the phono between the two leads DC resistance. If the resistance value is less than 500k, the crystal film is invalid. If the resistance value is infinitely large, the crystal slice may be broken.

(2) The attention of the Record Player to replace the crystal film

1 Take the crystal slice, to use the tweezers with rubber protection sleeve to clamp, do not use the hand directly, the action should be light, lest hand sweat stain or damage the crystal film.

2 welding lead, to use less power of the soldering iron, action to quickly, lest the crystal chip is damaged by heat.

3 when the crystal chip is loaded into the coupler, the position should be placed positive, fixed to secure.

4 when the Record Player crystal chip is loaded into the coupler, the silicone grease in the phono shell is put back around the crystal. Silicone grease has moisture-proof, heat dissipation and sealing effect, which can prolong the service life of the Crystal film.