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Recording history

Feb 14, 2017

In the 1890 of the 19th century, the phonograph began to put into use in Europe, America and other countries. Meanwhile, the record quickly spread in China. In 1897, the British located on Nanjing Road commercial benefit firms first to wax cylinder phonograph cylinder of wax cylinder recording introduced into Shanghai. This can keep the sound machine is from Shanghai called Gramophone, will sing on your own discs called records. Due to the enrichment of first introduction of reactive power, record over a long period of time are collectively referred to as "benefit album", as if the newspaper was in on the beach were collectively referred to as "Declaration of paper."

Import records content for foreign music at that time, most people are hard to understand, Ocean ideas cater to the preferences of the people. The beginning of 20th century, Le bang was born in Shanghai, the French set up stalls charging play of the foreigners laugh record, its advertising slogan: "ten penny you can listen to some foreigners laugh, make you laugh, laugh. Without smiling, fenwenbuqu. "This duration 2 minutes and 32 seconds, combined with various laughter music popular at the time, selling Chi cheong, has left a deep impression in many people's minds. Until today, people have this < foreigners laugh > as China's first album.