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Record player effects evaluation

Feb 14, 2017

We in the old movies and old photos, you can often see such pleasant scenes: a couple snuggled next to a pair of children, the whole family happy listening from Colombia face Diamond player or baofang company spent shells hand-cranked phonograph music that came out of it. Although the each album you can shake wind the handle to replace the needle. 78 revolutions per minute album, put a down-turn in up to two or three minutes each. Despite such troubles, but people have always been very switched-on staff per cent of households, or bite the buy one, being careful to wait on. It was ultra valuables at home, children are not allowed to touch. In fact, these type of player or an ordinary, high-end luxury player can only appear in the living room of a wealthy family, it is often set gramophones and radios in a size large, floor model, under computer cabinets, gorgeous special, of course, the price is amazing.