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Record player brands

Feb 14, 2017

After that, the foreign traders began production records in Shanghai, they generally are recorded in China, then sent abroad, make records, and then shipped back to China. 1904 victory record company recorded Peking Opera artists such as Sun Juxian catch and release Cao records are such that it has been seen as a symbol of China's recording career started. First to set up production plants in China, sales of French EMI and the British Gramophone Company. EMI in 1908 at the Shanghai Nanyang bridge (now Xizang road) near the rental was established "Eastern record company EMI", run by Le bang, their record label for a cock crowing of a rooster. A few years later, well-managed, Le bang, once the EMI company around 1915, Xujiahui road, Shanghai Xujiahui in mind bridge (now Hengshan Road), 1434th purchased of land, set up a record manufacturing company, began to record manufacturing in China. UK Gramophone Company was established in 1898, the next year, company boss for £ 100 to buy fulangxisi·balaode painting "dog listening to the gramophone" and its copyright. Painting called "HisMaster'sVoice" (his master's voice, referred to as "HMV"), so the company then known as HMV company. And "EMI" at the same time, "HMV" starting to sound recording production music in China, and the "EMI" strong competition in the music industry. Due to record label between the two companies is "Rooster Crow" and "dog trumpet", so this competition in business is that the press dubbed the "chicken dog".