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Record player achievements

Feb 14, 2017

The vigorous development of the music industry, creating a lot of stars, and broaden their career path. Many early songs come from song and dance troupe performances, such as the drizzle, the Peach Blossom River, poor Chou and other, popular singer and dancer, like Li Minghui, Wang Renmei, Lili Li, has naturally become the first generation of music stars. Their "song play", have set foot in the later film, becomes a moment of film industry stars. Late 30 to 40 major stars, such as Bai Hong, Gong qiuxia, white, also follow this pathway to fame.

Meanwhile, some movie star although in singing attainments Shang does not satisfactory, but relied on its impressive of prestige and appeal, also have became the records company snare of object, butterfly, and Ruan lingyu, and Xu, and Chen Yun Chang, and Li Li-hua, and Yan Jin, and Zhao Dan, and Xi Mei, a cinema red star are recording had records, and the has himself of "list songs", as Yan Jin of road song, Zhao Dan of spring in,.