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Phonograph invented

Feb 14, 2017

However, Edison this famous invention idea, it is a happy chance.

Edison alone in the quiet laboratory to study improvements in print symbols on the tape of the Telegraph. At this time, the Telegraph of a monotone voice that lured him. Try to arrange this when Edison was unexpectedly found, this is the tape sounds made by shaft under pressure. Low axial pressure, height also changes of tone. This gave him an idea: use deep box Rotator portable Victrola-a different channel to record and recycled sounds.

Coincidentally, the Edison another when testing the phone, find Messenger in the film, with sound and vibration. He found a needle, erected plates, gently press the top, and then spoke to film. Experiments show that higher voice, vibrate faster; inter-voice low, vibrate slowly. This finding, further reinforcing the determination of the invention of the phonograph.

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