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CD is born

Feb 14, 2017

CD represents a small laser disc, is a generic term for all CD media format. Now includes audio CD format on the market CD,CD-ROM,CD-ROM XA, Photo CD,CD-I and video CD, and so on. In this CD format, perhaps the most familiar one is audio CD, it is the one used to store the sound tracks such as music and songs in standard CD format. CD digital audio signals (CDDA) from Sony and Philip in 1980 and as a form of music to introduce. For audio CD's great success, today it uses have been expanded into the data store, and purpose of data archiving and transfer. And compared to traditional data storage media such as floppy disks and tapes, CD is the most suitable for storing large amounts of data, it may be in any form or combination of computer files, photo images, audio signal data files, software applications and video data. CD limited benefits include durability, convenience, and cost.